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Cost Recovery

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Since 1998, we have focused exclusively on perfecting the art and science of tracking expenses—print, copy, phones, and more—with accuracy, efficiency, and a touch of humanity. Companies around the world, big and small, use our software every day to lower costs, reduce waste, raise user awareness, meet sustainability and green goals, and increase profits. And we’re proud of that.

We’re not the only ones in the print management business, but we have a different take on how things should work, and we think that matters. We think you will, too.
Serve all the constituents.

Software like ours touches lots of people: employees, management, finance staff, equipment dealers. Too often, print and copy tracking software serves one audience at the expense of others. Argos is built to work well for everyone involved.

Be kind to users.
Your users are the ones who provide the information you want. Annoy them, and you get useless data. Argos respects people with desktop “popup” software that minimizes intrusion and maximizes productivity.

Obsess over usability.
When software imposes itself on people, like print and copy management software inevitably does, ease and clarity are paramount. Everyone deserves software that’s simple to understand, not a puzzle. We strive to remove the clutter, make things intuitive, and use sensible language.

Provide great service.
Buy Argos and you get a dedicated support crew that our customers get to know and love. We stand behind our products with telephone and email support that’s fast, expert, and designed to keep things flowing smoothly.