Legal Interact

Legal Interact

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Legal Interact provides Practice Management, Legal Accounting and Debt Collection software packages.

Established in 1982, Legal Interact is the largest complete application software and office automation supplier to the attorney market. It currently provides products and services to well over 1500 law firms.

Legal Interact’s Practice ManagerPro software package is a complete management system that enables attorneys to manage every interaction that they have with or work done on behalf of a client on any matter.

This includes, monitoring of cases, creating and managing documents, managing diaries, dictation, email, fax and SMS communication and telephone recording.

Our unique “Work In Progress” function tracks all actions performed within the program which together with disbursements expended ensures that the attorney is aware of the total cost of each matter.

This can be immediately invoiced or held over to be invoiced at a later date.

Practice ManagerPro, our latest version of the product, has a fully integrated accounting system that is designed to meet the very specific needs of the larger legal practice.

Trust and business accounts, Section 78(2A) investments, trust transfers and correspondent allowances are handled in a manner that ensures that trust integrity is always maintained.

Reporting, at  all  levels of the practice, cost centre and branch, is easily performed via the flexible reporting grids.

Tasks integrated into the accounting system ensure that all requests by fee earners are appropriately actioned.

Winlaw  is an accounting package  specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of Legal Practice, It has been used by legal practitioners for the past 28 years.

docPARTner simplifies document creation and editing through document re-assembly.

DebtcolPro is a software package that improves the profitability of both “soft” and “hard” collections through the unique manner in which it handles bulk collection matters. All matters are monitored. Documents are managed and created.

Email, SMS and Faxes are sent directly from the system and a copy is attached to the debtor record for later reference

Telephone calls are recorded and payment plans and settlements are controlled and monitored.

All legal documents are generated by the system.

Collection commission, outsource commission, applicable tariffs and interest are automatically calculated and billed to the debtor and or the client as and when appropriate.

The flexibility of the “queuing” system allows for the easy reporting to clients in the format that they require.