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Solumed provides medical practice management software.

SolumedPro is used by more than 1000 medical, dental, radiology and allied healthcare practices throughout South Africa and internationally since 1987.

The system improves income through efficiency in practice management and collections.

The program is both account and patient-centric allowing for easy access to either patient or account details as may be relevant for the task required.

It handles the full spectrum of practice management from appointment book administration, reminders, account and clinical notes, documents, billing of tariffs and submission to medical aids and receipt of payments.

Reports for accounting purposes as well as referral and diagnosis analysis easily generated.

SolumedEMR and SolumedEDR generate and maintain complete electronic records for doctors and dentists.

All examinations, diagnoses and prescriptions are recorded against the patient.

Pathological results are received electronically and can be easily compared with prior tests.

The SolumedEDR system incorporates full dental charting.

The SolumedRIS is a Radiology Information System which controls the complete workflow of a Radiology practice from patient arrival, integration with the various modalities picture archiving and communication system (PACS) through to reporting.

SolumedRIS integrates seamlessly with SolumedPro to ensure all examinations are billed for.